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Friday, January 05, 2007

Do not neglect your intellect

It is not an either/or choice. You do not need to sacrifice your intellectual development on an imaginary altar in order to achieve spiritual maturity. Exceptional Christian leaders come from all walks of life, having a brain doesn't disqualify you. If God made you clever, you don't need to hide that talent under a bushel - neither do you wear it like a badge.

It is easy to neglect your studies in favour of 'ministry' - I know, I've been there. But it isn't good stewardship of one of the most precious resources that you have - time. Someone else can lead that meeting - let them get the blessing from that. Your ministry right now is to commnicate your Christlikeness to your peers and teachers.

Even when you put school and college behind you, keep up to date with developments in science and the arts so that you can hold an intelligent conversation with your neighbours. You never kno where it may lead...

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