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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Seek forgiveness now - preparation for Bible college

It's an overused expression, but it is worth repeating here. Keep short accounts with God. If you know you are out of fellowship with Him, then, as Jesus made it quite clear in the Sermon on the Mount, it is your responsibility to put it right - even if you are the injured party in a dispute. It is your priority to develop your relationship with the Father and not let anything distract you from that.

As a lifestyle choice, this attitude will put you in a good position to grow spiritually. As someone who seeks to confirm the call that the Almighty has placed on your life, it is an essential prerequisite.

You do not want to turn up to college with baggage that could and shoul have been dealt with long before you got there. So, seek Him out now, and make it your practice to continually seek His face when He is less near to you than before. Discover what attitudes or actions have affected your relationship with Him and put it right. Whatever the cost.

Remember, you ould expect no less from the people who will one day be uner your care - so start with yourself. Now!

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