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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Will it make a difference?

A wise man (a retired missionary ho is now with the Lord) once said to me, "When you find that your work is getting in the way of your minstry, it is time to consider Bible college."

He explained his thoughts a bit more clearly to me in case I didn't quite grasp what he was saying. We are all called to minister, to be missionaries wherever the Good Lord places us. There is no escaping this calling. It's there at the end of Matthew's Gospel for all to see.

However, we are all also called to be exemplary employees to whoever pays our wages. Now, if we find that we are so successful in our first calling, that it would affect our ability to do the second, then it is time to seek the Lord's leading as to how He would like to finance the ministry He has given us - for it would not be fair to rob a human employer for the sake of the gospel.

Of course it is that point, when further training to become more effective and to learn how to live by faith, becomes a priority. Up until that point, a Bible college education is not going to make as significant a difference.

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