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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Do others recognise your call?

It's an important question. How do you know that you have a call from God to lead others?

Do others follow you now?

It may sound trite, but think about it this way. We know from Romans ch.12 that God will not call you to do something that He will not equip and prepare you for. Otherwise, His will would not be good, pleasing or perfect. So, if the Good Lord is not going to call you to a life of frustration and disappointment, there should be evidence already of what He has set you aside for.

1. Frst: and most important - internal evidence, within your own spirit. It was no accident that Gideon was fist called a Mighty Man of Valour by the Angel of the Lord in Judges ch.6 v.12, long before there was any external evidence of this - but Gideon acted on the revelation he was given, thus demonstrating the truth of Hebrews ch.11 v.3 and Romans ch.4 v.17 - that God calls into reality whatever was not already in existence to fulfill His words.

2. Acting on the Revelation - it would have done Gideon no good to go around confessing "I am a mighty man of valour" if he didn't also act on this word from God. The same is as true for us as it was for the Israeites in the Wilderness. The revelaed Word will only be of benefit to you if you combine it with faith. Fortunately for us, that faith is also a gift available for all of us if we ask.

Of course there is a question related to this. How do you know it is God speaking and not just the after-effects of a rich meal and a good nap? Remember, all the answer you need to questions like this can be found in one Book. In James ch.1 we are told that at times like this when we are questioning which route to take, rather than being double-minded in a state of indecision or attempting to do two things and being distracted from our purpose - we can act for wisdom, and be confident that we will receive it.

In Colossians ch.3 v.15 the Apostle Paul reminds us that we can let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts - that when faced with a choice, if one option will give us no peace inside, then it would be folly to go don that route.

Another obvious test is that the Good Lord will never call you to do something that contravenes the principles He has already laid down in his Word. Another good reason to know your Bible - so you can be thoroughly equipped.

3. Assuming you acted in obedience to the revelation you have; there should be some evidence for other more mature believers to assess. Be careful. We in the church are often far too nice, too diplomatic - we don't want to upset people. There is a reason why Proverbs ch.27 v.6 tells us that the wounds from a friend are faithful. Sometimes it hurts to be told that you are wasting your time.

Particularly value feedback from someone already in leadership who is doing what you would like to do - they have already experienced and acted on a similar call. They will know what you are going through. Their honest advice should be sought after and acted upon.

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