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Friday, December 15, 2006

Follow Me?

If we see someone able to do something well, we like to imitate, emulate it. There is a simple scientific principle in there. Hypothesis and testing. We want to kno if we can duplicate the same result by doing exactly the same as our mentor.

Sowing and reaping - works exactly the same way. There is a science to it.

But people, and God, are not scientific experiments. Individuality breaks through unpredictably. As Jesus said, "The wind blows where it wants to..."

But there is another danger we're not so quick to warnabout, because we like to see results. You've seen them before, the trainee pastor who models himself after his mentor down to dressing the same, the same annerisms, affectations when preaching. It's as if they want to become that preacher.

It brings results.

Better than they had before.

But not the best.

If the Good Lord wanted preacher clones, He culd have created them, in an instant.

Yes, it is our responsibility to learn from the best, assimilate and build upon what we catch from them. But we ere made as individuals - uniquely able to reflect God's infinite creativity through expressing ourselves in a way that no-one else can.

As John ended his letter - dear children, keep yourselves from idols...

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