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Thursday, December 14, 2006

How badly do you want it?

Just how badly do you want to respond to God's call? How important is it to you?

It is very easy to say, "It's the most important thing in my life!" But this is why we're warned to ensure that our actions match our words. If further training to handle the ord of God is your priority right now, what are you doing about it?

Praying for doors to open, for wisdom to choose the rght Bible college?
Seeking God for the finance you will need to pay for your tuition?
Studying your Bible now, putting together the study tools that you will need?
Spending time with those whose local ministries you respect?

It is not my place to condemn, but to provoke you into action. If you are convinced that the Almighty has a plan for your life that involves serving Him to the exclusion of all other pursuits, then this should be evident from the way you live your life now.

I am not calling for a legalistic moulding of your habits into a lifestyle you cannot maintain nor thrive under. The Good Lord provides both the desire and the ability to discipline yourself as an integral part of your calling. Respond to Him with faith, and you will find the freedom to flourish; and receive your heart's desire.

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